Specializing in Bookkeeping and Advisory Services for Conscious Entrepreneurs

Here is what we do

Money Mindset Coaching

Using the practical tools without working on our money mindset will never create the flow of abundance that is possible for you in your business.  We provide mindset training to shift your energy around money, uncovering your money blocks and opening you up to receive the prosperity that you know is within your potential.

Conscious Accounting

You chose your path as an entrepreneur, so now it is time to OWN it and take control of the financial aspects of your business.  We’ll help you create systems that align with your values to eliminate overwhelm, supporting you with the tools and education you need to be clear and confident in your business.  Outsource your bookkeeping services to us or take advantage of our QuickBooks training.

More Money, Less Problems

Cash management is something that can be confusing and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. 238 Accounting Services works with you to implement a method of cash management that ensures that your business serves you first, without having to change your existing habits.  Learn how to earn profit immediately, save for taxes, and never worry about cash flow again.

It is my passion to provide heart-based business owners with the tools to take complete control over their money!

Are YOU ready to take control?

About Me

I work with heart-centered female entrepreneurs who find the financial part of their business completely overwhelming. I provide them with the tools they need to take charge of their finances, ease their money worries, grow healthy and profitable conscious businesses and—ultimately—gain the freedom to focus on what they truly love.

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Kelly and I crossed paths and I am so glad we did!  Working with Kelly has meant getting my business finances in shape so that my business can grow to the next level.  She not only handles the nuts and bolts of monthly accounting, but is keeping my big picture goals in mind and helping me change my money behaviors to match my goals.  Her casual, insightful, communicative, professional style is refreshing.  I feel confident knowing she is supporting this part of my business.
Carla Reeves

Coach & Speaker, Carla Reeves Coaching

I am a multiple-entrepreneur and organizing my books was something I simply didn’t have the time, space, or know-how to prioritize.  Kelly has been an incredible ally helping me interpret and understand my finances.  Before I did coaching with her I was incredibly ashamed and overwhelmed with my scattered and unorganized finances.   With Kelly’s nonjudgmental attitude and approach, she has given the ability to trust in myself and clear out any old ideas that I “can’t take care of my money.”  With her bookkeeping & coaching support, I now feel organized, clear, empowered and abundant.  I love working with Kelly – each time we interact her joyful spirit leaves me feeling inspired, uplifted, and present.  You owe it to yourself to tap into your abundance – and Kelly is the key!
Eliza Schneider

Creator, Resolve to Evolve

Working with Kelly has been a dream come true! I’m beyond grateful to have finally found someone who can support me not only with getting financially savvy and organized in a practical way–which is a huge relief on its own!–but who also understands the law of attraction and energetics of financial prosperity. After a lifetime of debt and living paycheck-to-paycheck, I’m finally starting to see changes in my wealth! I feel optimistic and empowered around money and my future thanks to Kelly’s unconditionally loving guidance and encouragement.
Sarah Newman

Founder, Radically Radiant Life